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January 27, 2012

The last Florida debate

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Not only was last night’s debate the last one in Florida, I just heard on the Imus show that it was the last presidential debate for another month.  Oh well, I guess it’s a good time for the candidates to get refreshed, like they do with the bye week in the NFL. 

The most enjoyable moment of the debate for us Mitt Romney fans occurred when Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich tried to gang up on moderator Wolf Blitzer for asking questions that they preferred not answering.  Specifically, Blitzer was asked whether he was satisfied with Romney’s release of his tax information, and Gingrich responded that the four candidates should agree among themselves to only address important issues during the debates.  But Blitzer was prepared for the smack down, and he replied that Gingrich had criticized Romney’s tax returns because of its Swiss/Cayman Islands accounts and millions made without working, and therefore the question was appropriate.  Gingrich rebutted by saying that talking about an issue on local news doesn’t mean that it should be a question on a nationally televised debate.  (Incidentally, he gave a similar answer to a question last week about his serial infidelity.) 

At that point, Gingrich might have won the exchange with Blitzer except Mitt Romney came to Wolf’s rescue.  Mitt said that it was not OK for a candidate to be going around making loose accusations on local media if he is not willing to defend them on national TV.  Touché. 

The other Romney highlight occurred when he castigated Gingrich for running TV ads that called Romney “anti-immigrant.”  Romney noted that his father and his wife’s father were immigrants, and he called the charge a repulsive epithet and asked for an apology.  Instead of apologizing, Gingrich meekly responded that he was the only candidate who was going out on a limb to protect the illegal-immigrant grandmothers who have been here for at least 25 years.  This is another example of Gingrich resorting to a weak Democratic argument – i.e., being against illegal immigrants renders a candidate anti-immigrant.  Gingrich did the same thing with his “right-wing social engineering” comment about Paul Ryan’s fix of Medicaid and Medicare.     

Candidates Rick Santorum and Ron Paul also had several good moments in the debate, but I can’t recall what they were, other than Paul rebutting the argument that a 76-year-old president may be too old to serve.  He said he would release his medical records, although they might amount to no more than one page.  He further said that he would challenge all of his competitors to a 25-mile bike ride in the Texas heat. 

Don’t mess with Ron Paul.


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