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January 31, 2012

Another biking epiphany

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When I go on a morning bike ride in the summer, I often think about future entries to my blog. When I go on an afternoon bike ride in the winter, I often reflect on the entry to my blog that I wrote that morning.  Today on my afternoon ride, I think I had an epiphany on my previous blog entry regarding discipline.

My first thought during the ride was that I was not displaying any discipline or willpower on my bike ride because, although the weather was cold and drizzly, the ride was thoroughly enjoyable.  You would have had to pay me to keep me from riding. 

But then my mind went back to my previous blog entry, and I remembered that the definition of “discipline” generally began with “training.”  And I remembered the suggestions from the child psychologist for instilling discipline in a child – i.e., rules, consequences, routines, responsibilities, and expectations.   

My epiphany is that discipline and willpower are two fundamentally different things.  Discipline is something that you learn or develop over a period of time until it becomes automatic or second-nature; whereas, willpower is something that you actively struggle with day-to-day. 

Therefore, I conclude that Governor Christie does not have enough discipline to control his eating and that he does not have the willpower to change.  But the absence of discipline to control his eating does not mean that Governor Christie is an undisciplined person.  He may be supremely disciplined with respect to all sorts of qualities important to being a governor or president.


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