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February 2, 2012


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The NY Times today included an op-ed piece arguing against what it called do-it-yourself deportation, or what Mitt Romney called self-deportation in the presidential debates.  The piece was written (in Spanish) by a NYC high school student lamenting the fact that self-deportation was occurring and that it was splitting up families.  His solution is the DREAM Act, which would allow him to become a citizen, and possibly even allow him to bring his family back.

Unfortunately, both the DREAM Act and self-deportation have been politicized, which tends to prevent them from being considered rationally.  Opponents of the DREAM Act worry that it encourages law-breaking, especially if chain-migration is allowed (DREAM kids sponsoring their families).  Opponents of self-deportation claim that it is inhumane to make life in America so difficult for illegal immigrants that they want to leave the country.

Mitt Romney has staked out a compromise position vis-à-vis the DREAM Act.  He has endorsed it, but with the caveat that it be extended only to those kids who enter the military.  That seems like a reasonable compromise, with the minor incongruity that Romney never served, although he did two years of Mormon missionary service in France.

Romney’s position on self-deportation is similarly sound.  Newt Gingrich will cavil that it won’t be effective against grandparents with roots in this country, but that isn’t Romney’s objective.  Romney isn’t anti-immigrant.  He simply wants to return America to a rule of law, and providing sanctuary along with many benefits of citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants is contrary to the rule of law.


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