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March 11, 2012

Getting started on Netflix

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I recently signed up for Netflix streaming ($8 a month, plus $50 for a streaming device for my laptop) before learning that 90% of the Netflix movies were only available on DVD.  This learning led me to sign up for one by-mail DVD at a time (another $8 a month).  Then I learned that, despite Netflix’s incredibly fast one-day turn-around time, one DVD at a time meant that the DVD was usually in transit instead of available for me to watch.  This learning caused me to sign up for two DVDs at a time (another $4 a month).  Now I’m good to go at less than $20 a month, which is a small fraction of my cable bill.

Step two in getting started on Netflix is deciding which movies to watch.  Yesterday, I was watching a movie on streaming Netflix called The Big Lebowski based on a friend’s recommendation.  After watching the movie and finding it to be great fun (some of the dialogue by “The Dude” sounded amazingly similar to Jerry Lundegaard in the movie Fargo, which was written by the same Coen brothers), I did some research and learned The Big Lebowski was #34 on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the 50 best cult movies.  Then I had my epiphany – why not review that list and find some other all-time great cult movies that I might be interested in watching.  My review of that list led me to adding several movies to my queue of streaming movies and about ten more to my DVD list. This is Spinal Tap is #1. 

While looking at the top-50 cult list, I saw that Entertainment Weekly also had a list of the 50 sexiest movies of all time.  Eureka!  I like sexy movies even more than I like cult favorites.  That list similarly resulted in me queuing-up several more streaming movies and a dozen or so DVDs.  Out of Sight is #1.  Plus, there is a list of the 100-best new-movie classics that I haven’t gone through yet, with Pulp Fiction at #1.

Looks like I don’t have to worry for a while about which movies to queue up.  This situation reminds me of the winter I spent in San Diego between graduating from college and starting law school.  I worked that winter as a Pinkerton night watchman and used the time to read many of the best 100 classic books of all-time. 

Time well spent.




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