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March 24, 2012

Trayvon Martin

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President Obama today went out of his way to interject himself into the Trayvon Martin affair.  Although I wasn’t familiar with the tragedy, I made the following comment on my Facebook wall:

  • What does President Obama mean when he says his son would look like Trayvon? And what does that have to do with this tragedy?

A USAA friend responded with the following comments:

  • What he meant by saying it is pretty obvious. Unfortunately, race is still a being issue in today’s society. This type of incident certainly wasn’t the first and surely won’t be the last. Parents should never have to bury a child under these circumstances. I of course don’t know the whole story, but I hope the right thing is done.

I responded as follows:

  • No, Steve, I don’t think it is obvious what he meant. I am reminded of his comments about the Harvard professor, when he said it was obvious that the police had overreacted. I think Obama overreacted in the Harvard incident, and I think he is over-reacting in personalizing this matter.

My friend responded, “But Mike, isn’t it almost always an ‘over reaction’ to a black male being accused, harassed, or killed?”  I responded – “Yes, it’s an over-reaction to claim racism every time a black male is accused or killed.”

I continue to believe that President Obama overreacted by interjecting himself into this matter, but the Washington Post disagrees.  In an article in today’s edition, the Post attempted to distinguish between President Obama’s reaction to Harvard-gate and his reaction to the Martin killing:

  • Calling Obama’s response to the Gates arrest “a disaster for the president” because he passed judgment on what had happened, Ari Fleischer, who served as press secretary for President George W. Bush, said Obama’s message Friday was a welcome contrast.  “There really is an issue of whether if you are black in America today, if you are dressed the way you are dressed, that that can make you a victim.  These are society’s most delicate issues, and I thought the president handled it delicately.”    

I disagree.  By suggesting that America needs to do some “soul searching” over the Martin incident and that Martin looked like Obama’s son would look, President Obama is prejudging the matter and implying that racism by Zimmerman result in Martin’s death.  Let’s await the local, state, and federal investigations before coming to that judgment.


  1. I am sympathetic about the race issue. One of the books that I am reading right now is The New Jim Crow, and I agree that soul searching may be needed. However, although the country may need to do some soul searching about race, President Obama should do some soul searching and ask himself why it’s criminal to murder a living child yet perfectly fine to murder an unborn child. If Trayvon’s life had been in danger a little more than 17 years ago while he was in the womb, President Obama would not have thought twice about it (and, if he had been President back then, he would have been more than happy to try to finance this murder on the mother’s behalf). If President Obama is so concerned about children who might “look like his son,” then he might want to consider how many of those children’s lives are ended in the womb on a daily basis. (Also, I think that the outcry regarding the case is based on the delay or unwillingness to investigate…I have only read a couple of news articles about it, so I’m not sure).

    Comment by Christine — March 24, 2012 @ 7:10 pm | Reply

  2. i’m going to assume the police and the DA did their job and concluded that zimmerman used reasonable force. if they didn’t do their job racism is a plausible reason, and if i were black i would not give the police or DA the benefit of the doubt based on US history.

    if on the other hand the police and DA are found to have done their jobs appropriately a lot of public figures need to make some big public apologies because even if they aren’t overtly calling out racism, they are implicitly driving it. The only people that i would exclude from this is the parents.


    Comment by Q — March 24, 2012 @ 9:36 pm | Reply

    • Good point, but in any event, it seems that most people should be letting the system work. This matter is being looked into by state and federal agencies, and I don’t know if the local agencies have closed their investigations.

      Comment by Mike Kueber — March 25, 2012 @ 3:09 am | Reply

  3. oh yeah, right on Christine.


    Comment by Q — March 24, 2012 @ 9:37 pm | Reply

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