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April 7, 2012

Sunday Book Review #69 – Hard Sell by Jamie Reidy

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Last week, I watched an entertaining movie called Love and Other Drugs.  The movie, which I gave three stars out of four, was based on a book called Hard Sell.  Although the book is interesting, its dramatization bear almost no similarity to the book.  The movie gives the Viagra salesman much more personality than the guy in the book, and the real key to the movie – the girlfriend with Parkinson’s disease – was not in the book at all. 

In my blog, I described Love and Other Drugs as a movie that started unsuccessfully as a romantic comedy and then successfully transitioned into a romantic drama.  The book Hard Sell is neither a comedy nor a drama.  Rather, it is a rather prosaic account of life as a pharmaceutical salesman.  It describes the lifestyle of the reps and their interactions with doctors, nurses, and receptionists.  It also tells how pharmaceutical companies work through their reps to increase profits by creating demand for their drugs. 

Hard Sell is a modestly informative book, but don’t expect to learn anything profound.

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  1. I thought the book was funny and entertaining and of course not really anything at all like the movie which is almost complete fiction.

    Comment by J — March 22, 2014 @ 3:49 pm | Reply

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