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April 19, 2012

Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show

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One of Jon Stewart’s favorite tactics on The Daily Show is to reveal FOX News anchors or conservative politicians who endorse diametrically opposite principles, depending on whether the principles support the conservative or liberal position.  His latest example of this tactic showed FOX conservatives opposing the Buffett tax because it would generate only $4 billion a year in receipts, which according to them is a mere pittance when compared to America’s ongoing deficit. 

On one level, that argument never made sense to me.  I remember insurance liberals at USAA not wanting to exclude an unnecessary coverage because the change would not save enough in costs to appreciably lower premiums.  My response was that, if the change is good, then it doesn’t matter if the change alone doesn’t fix all problems.  Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  A bunch of small improvements might accumulate into a big one.   

On another level, however, Stewart’s response to the FOX conservatives goes even deeper and is much more entertaining.  His research routinely produces examples where the FOX conservatives have loudly and proudly espoused the opposite opinion.  With respect to the Buffett tax that raises the $4 billion pittance, you can imagine how funny it is to see the same people argue against the $400 million (repeat slowly for emphasis – $400 million) that goes to Planned Parenthood not?  Why is $400 million to Planned Parenthood so much and $4 billion from the Buffet tax so little?

Fox News has claimed the moniker of “fair and balanced,” but actually Jon Stewart’s Daily Show is the best place to find opinion/news that is willing to skewer both the left and the right for stupidity and even hypocrisy.  The other dominant opinion channels – FOX (right) and MSNBC (left) – think so monolithically that they mention the other side’s perspective only to bash it, not analyze it.      

Although Stewart is an unabashed liberal, he has no hesitancy attacking liberal stupidity or perfidy.  I can’t think of an example today, but I will post something in the next few days to show Stewart as an equal-opportunity skewerer.


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