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April 24, 2012

Pell Grants

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Have you ever wondered what Pell Grants are?  Me, too.  Until today, all I knew was that they were the most prominent form of federal assistance to kids wanting to go to college.  Then today, after returning from the gym, I noticed my youngest son had received a response to his 2012-2013 financial-aid application – the so-called FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  According to the federal response, my son was not eligible for a Pell Grant.  Although the result did not surprise me (during my later USAA years, my level of compensation seemed to keep me from participating in any federal program worth participating in, especially the Roth IRA and personal tax exemptions), I decided to learn who was benefitting from the federal largesse of the Pell Grants.   

Not surprisingly, the information that I was looking for was not easily accessible.  Most sites, instead of providing understandable information, provided only general guidance, such as eligibility depends on financial need, which is calculated by comparing the cost of attendance at a specific college (CoA) vs. the expected family contribution (EFC).  Depending on the results of that comparison, a qualified student could receive between as much as $5,000 a year to as little as $500 a year.  An unqualified student (my son) would receive $0.       

Some sites actually provided an extremely complicated calculator to determine the most critical factor – the EFC.  Way too complicated for me.  But eventually I found an article that gave me exactly what I was looking for.  According to this article provided by U.S. News:

  • Those with EFCs above $4,041 will be disqualified for Pell grants. Almost all Pell grants go to students whose families have incomes of less than $50,000 a year.

Because I am not interested enough to analyze the inner workings of EFC calculation, I have no opinion on its merits.  But Republicans might argue, as its presumptive nominee Mitt Romney has already suggested, that the federal government seems to be concerned only about the rich and the poor, whereas the middle class is neglected.  Kids of the poor have the government stand in for their parents to provide just as much financial support as the government has calculated a middle-class family should be providing to their kids, and kids of the rich don’t have any money issues because of the generous tax loopholes granted by government.  As Mitt Romney says, no one cares about the middle class. 

Although we live in a democracy, I think Romney is right.  But I am also willing to make an exception in this case because there are few things as important in this country as encouraging motivated poor kids to go to college.  And because the federal government doesn’t have unlimited amounts of money (in fact, it has no money), a cut-off for Pell Grants has to be somewhere, and perhaps $50k is the appropriate cut-off.  Personally, I think the cut-off is a bit low, and if I were in Congress, I would push for Pell Grants to kids with parents making up to $100k a year. 

Assisting kids to go to college is one of the most important things the federal government should be doing.



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