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April 26, 2012

Dress codes vs. looking good

Filed under: Culture — Mike Kueber @ 6:05 pm

While at the apartment pool last weekend, I noticed all the bikini-clad girls and wondered why the guys were topless and the girls weren’t.  Actually, I didn’t wonder.  I knew that conservative tradition dictated that the girls cover their breasts while the guys didn’t.  This distinction made no sense, but it was a fact.  Furthermore, it didn’t seem fair. 

This fact reminded me of life 25 years ago when a coat & tie were part of the required dress code at my place of employment, USAA.  I remember telling a co-worker back then that the coat & tie dress code was one of those things that would be looked upon in a few decades as something that made no sense and was ridiculous – i..e., why should a reasonable, thinking person wear a tie that strangled his neck?

While at the pool last weekend, I was thinking the same thought about the women wearing bikini tops – i.e., it made no sense.  Why should a woman be required to wear a top while a man isn’t?  Then it dawned on me.  The dress code is not necessarily something imposed on us by some faceless Establishment.  Rather, it is something that we have developed in our never-ending quest to look good.  Men are more attractive when they are wearing a coat & tie (at least, they were 25 years ago) and women look better with their breasts covered.

Some people over-estimate the power of the establishment.  Those people have more freedom that they realize.


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  1. Also, it can be quite physically uncomfortable for women to be topless or braless. Those things can get quite heavy without any support!

    Comment by abtwixt — April 26, 2012 @ 7:35 pm | Reply

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