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April 27, 2012

An open letter to the Washington Post’s columnist Eugene Robinson

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Thank you for your recent column on immigration reform.   In the column you suggest that now is the perfect time for Congress to finally resolve our seemingly insoluble illegal-immigration problem. 

Why now?  Because of the Pew Hispanic Center report earlier this week that stated more Mexicans moved out of America than moved in between 2005 and 2010.  Based on this report you glean several unjustified conclusions:

  • You conclude that the “crisis,” if there ever was one, is over.  That assumes that the crisis was the rising numbers of illegal immigrants.  I suggest that the actual crisis is the 11 million illegal immigrants in America (60% from Mexico).  That number hasn’t changed in a significant way, even though Romney’s concept of self-deportation, which many scoffed at, is proving to be valid.
  • You contend that illegal immigrants “don’t come here to laze around and enjoy government benefits because, well, what benefits would those be?”  That statement must be a rhetorical device because I can’t believe that you really don’t know of any government benefits that illegal immigrants receive.  Just to humor you, let me list a few.  At the top of the list, birthright citizenship to any of their kids born in this country.  Some call these kids anchor babies; others use the term gateway drug because illegal immigrants can collect a plethora of government benefits (like food stamps) on behalf of their birthright babies.  Also at the top of the list is a free public education through high school.  The state of Texas tried to deny this benefit many years ago and was slapped down by the U.S. Supreme Court, which was afraid of creating a permanent underclass in America, but was not so afraid of creating a permanent, growing undocumented class.  Another benefit provided to illegal immigrants is medical care in our government-run hospitals and clinics, plus emergency care in all other hospitals and clinics.  One might argue that the best government benefit afforded to illegal immigrants is law & order.     
  • You complain about “Arizona’s ‘driving while brown’ law, which instructs police to challenge and, if necessary, apprehend anyone they suspect of being an illegal immigrant. The law forbids racial profiling, but the truth is that it effectively guarantees profiling.”  Can you imagine any other country where the police are not expected to arrest someone they suspect of being an illegal immigrant?  I can’t think of a better example of living in an ivory tower.
  • You warn that Obama will be hard to beat this fall unless Republicans start catering to the Hispanic special interest the way the Democrats already cater to the African-American special interest.  Of course, in doing that the Republican Party would be deviating from its principle of trying to represent all America, as opposed to the Democratic Party “principle” of catering to a motley assortment of special interests (trial lawyers, minorities, feminists, unions, and socialists).  Even from a practical perspective, however, your suggestion doesn’t make sense because, I’m sure you know, recent studies have found that the number of registered Hispanic voters has dropped precipitously since the last presidential election.

At the end of your column, you finally let the cat out of the bag regarding what Democratic intentions have been all along:

  • We need a Reagan-style amnesty that would allow the great majority of undocumented immigrants to stay.

Just because Reagan did something doesn’t make it right.  He would be the first to say that we aren’t stuck on stupid.  The answer isn’t amnesty because that would reward bad behavior and encourage future bad behavior.  The answer remains the elimination of sanctuaries in America, along with the adoption of a broadened DREAM Act that would apply to all long-term residents, not just kids who go to school or the Service.


Mike Kueber – San Antonio, TX


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