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May 7, 2012

Same-sex marriage – another step forward

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Yesterday, I watched David Gregory on Meet the Press interview Vice President Joe Biden.  Biden is usually an interesting interview because he is too independent minded (or undisciplined) to be muzzled or ham-strung by the Obama/Biden campaign’s message.  Yesterday was no different when Gregory asked Biden about same-sex marriage.  Instead of giving Obama’s carefully nuanced message that their position was “evolving,” Biden gave a full-throated defense of same-sex marriage.  Although he didn’t go as far as Rick Perry did when he suggested that people who disagreed with him on immigration didn’t have a heart, Biden failed to recognize any rational reason for opposing same-sex marriage. 

Biden only pulled back when Gregory asked if President Obama would be coming out in favor of same-sex marriage in his second administration.  In hindsight, that was a ridiculous question.  Obviously, Biden doesn’t speak for Obama, and why would they announce in the current administration what they are planning to announce in the next administration.  That would be like Newt Gingrich announcing this week that he is going to announce his campaign withdrawal next week (except that Gingrich actually did that).   

For once, conservative and liberal pundits are in agreement as to why President Obama will not announce his support of single-sex marriage until after the election – political calculation.  Liberal pundits, however, suggest that the calculation is wrong because the popular support for same-sex marriage is growing rapidly.  I suggest the liberal pundits are wrong because presidential elections aren’t won by winning the popular election; rather, they are won by winning the Electoral College. 

With the Electoral College in mind, President Obama has calculated that his support of single-sex marriage will cost him moderate votes in conservative swing states while it will earn him liberal votes in liberal non-swing states.  That is a simple calculation.  President Obama may be an idealist, but he also realizes that his idealism will not have an outlet unless he is elected.  Thus, we shouldn’t expect him to take an transforming actions until after the election.  But then, Katie bar the door.


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