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May 9, 2012

Public service

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On Friday night as I was returning from Castroville’s First Friday celebration, I casually mentioned to my date that I had campaigned for Congress in Castroville two years ago.  She politely asked me what prompted me to run for Congress.  Without thinking much, I responded that I’d always enjoyed politics; in fact, my college major was political science.  She commented that my response wasn’t like that given by most politicians. 

Without giving my date’s comment any additional thought, we moved on to a related political topic.  It was only later that it occurred to me that my honest answer was different than that given by most politicians because most politicians lie when they give their answer – i.e., they claim to feel an obligation to serve the public.  You might even get the impression that they are taking on this thankless duty out of a Mother Teresa-like calling instead of pursuing power because of a barn-sized ego.

I was reminded of this lie today when I listened to reports indicating the Senator Lugar of Indiana was bitter about losing his primary contest on Tuesday after serving Indiana for 35 years.  Unfortunately, politicians like Lugar end up believing their own lies and believe that their service/sacrifices over the years entitle them to hold their position forever. 

If their service were truly a sacrifice, Lugar and his ilk would be relieved that their electorate is asking someone else to take up the load.


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  1. That is an interesting hypothesis you make about lugar, and politicians in general…

    Comment by Q — May 10, 2012 @ 5:36 pm | Reply

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