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May 21, 2012

A banner week for Parade magazine

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For those of you who might have missed it, this week’s Parade magazine, the Sunday newspaper insert, contained articles on two of my favorite people – Colin Powell and Kevin Costner. 

The Powell article, which was adapted from his new book titled It Worked for Me, was especially good.   In the article, Powell speaks of the importance of recognizing that every human being whom you encounter deserves to be treated with care and respect.  The article resonated with me because I had recently come to a similar realization when responding to an eHarmony question about what I was most proud of.  My response was that, aside from the obvious (my four boys), I was most proud of the way I had treated the people in my life.  Although I suspect that I have forgotten or overlooked many past failings, I don’t recall situations where I acted like someone else was beneath me or that I deserved preferential treatment.  In fact, I remember two situations in life (once in college and once near the end of my career at USAA) where I had cause to think about whether someone might have a grudge against me or a score to settle, and in both situations I concluded that there was no one.   

Incidentally, Powell the subject of “10 Questions” in Time magazine this week, too (plugging his book).  I particularly liked his response when asked about whether too many congressmen had overstayed their welcome:

  • We need people who know how the system runs, but really is not necessary to stay there for an entire career.  When I made a three-star general, I was congratulated and told, “Two years from now to the day, if we haven’t given you another job or a promotion, we expect your resignation on our desk.”  That’s not bad.

That’s a good idea – up or out.

The Costner article in Parade focused on his relationship with Whitney Houston and the eulogy he gave at her funeral.    But I was more interested in his response when asked if he ever thought about running for office.  Like Powell, who was famously averse to elective politics, Costner isn’t tempted:

  • I would never do it.  Ego has slipped so far into the political landscape that it’s usurped the idea of public service.  A good idea for one party is a bad idea for another – it has to be defeated.  Do I have the mentality to govern?  I think I do, but not in the system that exists.  I would be frustrated.

Boy, that’s a mouthful of truth (ego, partisanship) from Costner that resonates with me just as much as what Powell said.


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