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June 2, 2012

Saturday Night at the Movies #29 – The Departed

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After several weeks with lots of movie viewing, my free-time evaporated this week as I became totally preoccupied with an adverse result in litigation involving a previous employer.  The result, and my interest in reversing it, prompted me to do more legal research this week than I had done in a long time.  But in some ways legal research is like riding a bike.    

Because I was preoccupied, my movie viewing was put on a back burner.  Although I had two great Netflix DVDs to watch, they were just gathering dust.  Finally, on Friday night, I loaned Lone Star (a 1996 classic starring Matthew McConaughey and Kris Kristofferson) to my son Bobby and told him to put it in the mail when he finished.  Thus, I got some use out of it (especially if Bobby sends me a review that I can post).  Then early this morning, before going to yoga practice, I watched The Departed.

I had watched The Departed many years ago, but could remember little about it other than a lot of famous people getting murdered.  My second viewing of The Departed, which was a remake of 2002 Hong Kong movie Internal Affairs was not disappointing.  In fact, it was so riveting that I paused the movie a couple of times when I had to do something in the kitchen.  

What was so riveting about this 2006 Academy Award-winning best movie?  Aside from the violence, the movie contained the outstanding development of numerous memorable characters, especially Matt Damon as an amoral poor kid from the streets, Leonardo DiCaprio as a troubled upper-class kid, Jack Nicholson as the bad-guy mentor/mobster to Damon and DiCaprio, Martin Sheen as the good-guy mentor/police captain to Damon and DiCaprio, Vera Farmiga as the beautiful love interest of Daman and DiCaprio with much book smarts and no street smarts, and finally Mark Wahlberg as the foul-mouthed, abrasive, but honest police sergeant/assistant to Sheen.  The only boring character in the movie was police captain Alec Baldwin.      

The movie centers around the Boston mob and police, both predominantly Irish, and I found its depiction of Irish sensibilities to be fascinating.  In one scene, the amoral Matt Damon showed that he wasn’t all evil by telling his girlfriend Farmiga that she needed to break off their relationship if it wasn’t working for her because, as an Irishman, he would probably just let their dysfunction go on for the rest of his life without doing anything smart to end it.  Such is the nature of an Irishman.  Fascinating thought.

Rotten Tomatoes gave The Departed 93% from the critics and 92% from its audience.  I agree and give it four stars out of four.



  1. yoga practice… when is the game?

    Comment by q — June 3, 2012 @ 5:24 pm | Reply

    • It’s a practice because we are trying to improve and get better. I will let you know when we have our next performance for friends and relatives.

      Comment by Mike Kueber — June 6, 2012 @ 11:02 am | Reply

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