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June 6, 2012

Walker wins in Wisconsin

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column in today’s Washington Post by liberal pundit E.J. Dionne provided three fascinating insights into Walker’s wonderful win in Wisconsin:

  1. Gender Gap.  According to Dionne, “Republicans can survive a rather big gender gap as long as they win men overwhelmingly.”  This insight is based on the fact that Walker won men 59% to 40% while losing women 52% to 47%.  I recently blogged about being grateful that the media had finally quit harping about Republicans needing to do better with women while ignoring the need for Democrats to do better with men.  Well, apparently I spoke too soon.  Dionne continues to see the gender gap as a Republican, not Democratic issue to deal with.  As a partisan, I should be happy when opponents refuse to see the error of their ways.
  2. Money matters.   Did I say “three fascinating insights”?  I should have said two.  Dionne’s conclusion that money matters goes without saying.
  3. Democrats need the support of moderates to win.  Dionne bases this insight on the fact that Wisconsin voters are 21% liberal, 36% conservative, and 44% moderate.  I agree completely with this insight.  The problem for Dionne, however, is that moderates will tend to split their vote.  Thus, for Democrats to be consistently viable, they will need to revise their policies to expand their base. 

Personally, I am very satisfied with the Walker victory.  Earlier anti-Walker bias in the media suggested that there was little difference between how Greeks and Americans deal with austerity measures.  But as one of Walker’s exultant supporters declared last night, “This is how democracy works in America.”  Amen.


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