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June 8, 2012

College graduation as your ticket to success

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Earlier this week, the NY Times published an editorial lamenting the fate of recent college graduates in America.  According to the Times, the Great Recession has doomed millions of lives.  While conveniently ignoring the failure of the Great Stimulus to prevent 8% unemployment, the Times urges the federal government to double down on deficit spending – “Until the government does more to stoke demand and growth, including with job-creating aid to states and investments in energy and infrastructure, college graduates and everyone else will struggle. Republican politicians have blocked the needed policies, claiming that cutting the budget deficit is more important and that somehow — given enough deregulation and tax cuts for the rich — things will turn around. They haven’t, and they won’t.”  I don’t disagree with the Times’ thesis that a college degree is no longer the brass ring that it used to be, but tell us something we don’t already know.  For decades people have been saying that a college diploma today means what a high school diploma used to mean.

Although the editorial spends a lot of words stating the obvious, its real thrust is to argue for more government taxing & spending and to criticize Republican efforts to reduce spending, taxes, and regulations.  Only in NYC could a newspaper be so out of touch with reality.  Does anyone else in America think the federal government is a jobs engine?  Any Republican would love to run against any Democrat who adopted the Times’ argument.

As for the recent college graduates, I suggest that they disregard the Times’ gloomy prognosticating and instead prepare for a revived economy that relies more heavily on the private sector than the government sector.


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  1. mike, i want my daughters to get a college degree for many reasons:
    – it cannot be taken from them
    – if they focus on getting a degree, it helps keep them out of trouble during their transition from dependence to independence
    – it should convince them that they can do anything they are motivated to do – confidence booster, self-esteem
    – it tells the world, “hey,i have the discipline and flexibility to put up with your bullsh*t” if properly incentivized

    nothing grants success. education is a tool. get an education and leverage it the best you can.

    Comment by Q — June 13, 2012 @ 4:50 pm | Reply

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