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June 20, 2012

The myth of the monolithic minorities in America

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The media tends to treat minorities like a monolithic group.  This treatment is an obvious vestige of the older members of the media, who came of age in the 60s when the term minority was often used as an equivalent to the Negro population.  In recent years, however, the tidal wave of immigrants from Mexico, legal and illegal, forced the media to recognize Hispanics as a significant force under the Minority umbrella.  But even then the recognition was muted – e.g., witness the minimal fanfare a few years ago when Hispanics actually outnumbered African-Americans.

An article in today’s San Antonio Express-News reveals a new trend that further reduces African-American dominance of the Minority agenda.    According to the article, more Asians are immigrating to America than Hispanics, primarily because legal immigration since 1990 has favored educated or wealthy individuals (i.e., many Asians) as opposed to uneducated or poor individuals (i.e., many Hispanics).  Furthermore, net immigration from Mexico has virtually stopped because of America’s weak economy.

This suggests that the percentage of Asian-Americans (currently 5%) will increase vis-à-vis that of Hispanic-Americans (16%) and African-Americans (13%).  This portends well for the Republican Party because Asian-Americans are much more likely to vote Republican than are African-Americans, and they are even significantly more likely to align with conservative principles than are Hispanic-Americans. 

This split of allegiance is natural when you consider that the government has a history of acting affirmatively to help African-American and Hispanic-American groups, while Asian-Americans have often been considered over-weighted in areas of accomplishment and thereby discriminated against.

Coincidentally, Time magazine did a cover story this week on the plight of DREAMERS (children brought to America illegally by their parents), and their cover boy was not Hispanic, but rather an Asian, Filipino Jose Antonio Vargas.  Unfortunately, the article, which is excellent, is available only to on-line subscribers.  It describes the tortuous route to citizenship or even temporary legal residency in America.  Vargas reminds his readers that, although 60% of illegal immigrants are from Mexico, the remainder aren’t.  About 8% of the 11.5 million are from Asia. 

Ironically, I know Filipinos who have been waiting patiently in the legal-immigration line in the Philippines longer than the cover boy has been in America illegally.  Vargas reports in his article that, because Green Cards are limited to 50,000 per country per year, there is a long waiting list in countries like Mexico, India, and the Philippines.  In fact, Filipino siblings who applied in January 1989 are currently being considered.     

In light of those facts, something about Vargas’s newly legal status doesn’t seem right.






  1. a leading futurist, jamie canton, said the usa will allow 100 million asians in the usa by 2020. why? indian and china are pumping out millions of scientists and engineers (we need them in usa), their home nations don’t have work for them, and they want to come to the usa (believe it or not most people that hate america are americans and europeans)

    Comment by q — June 24, 2012 @ 7:08 pm | Reply

    • It’s interesting that Americans appear more threatened by the Hispanic invasion than they do by an Asian invasion even though Asians are generally more culturally/religiously different.

      Comment by Mike Kueber — June 24, 2012 @ 7:53 pm | Reply

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