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June 21, 2012

Replace and supersede the DREAM order?

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President Obama recently took center stage in the immigration debate by issuing an executive order to suspend deportation actions against young people who were brought to America unlawfully as children – the so-called DREAM order.  Although conservative pundits huffed and puffed about the order being unconstitutional, very few elected Republicans were willing to go on record against the order so close to the 2012 elections.  In fact, this weekend on Sunday talk shows, Mitt Romney repeatedly refused to say whether he would repeal the order.

Today, however, Romney finally spoke on the subject.  In a speech to Hispanics in government, Romney said that he would “replace and supersede” Obama’s DREAM order.  Apparently, the alliteration for ObamaCare (“repeal and replace”) has been so effective that Romney felt a similar alliteration for Obama’s DREAM order might have similar success.

Republican opposition to ObamaCare has focused on the repealing component and is woefully vague on the replacing component.  Romney does better with “replace and supersede.”  As described by Greg Sargent in his Washington Post blog, Romney in his speech proposed that green cards be issued to individuals who obtained graduate degrees from American colleges, have special needed skills, or have served in military.   He also proposed expanding temporary worker permits.  But he failed to address the prospect for legalizing the remaining 10 million illegal immigrants in America.  

That remains the 800-pound elephant in the room.



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