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June 28, 2012

ObamaCare, politics, and nihilism

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Days before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on ObamaCare, the Washington Post’s Charles Lane wrote one of the best columns I have read on the Court’s soon-to-be momentous decision.  He began the column as follows:

  • We have two days until the Supreme Court rules on health care — two days until we find out whether Akhil Amar’s life has been a fraud.  Amar is the Yale constitutional law professor (my former teacher), who recently told The Post’s Ezra Klein that a 5 to 4 ruling striking down Obamacare would destroy his faith in the court.
  • “If they decide this by 5-4,” Amar said, “then yes, it’s disheartening to me, because my life was a fraud. Here I was, in my silly little office, thinking law mattered, and it really didn’t. What mattered was politics, money, party and party loyalty.” 
  • Amar’s cri de coeur was a dramatic but otherwise typical expression of sentiment in legal academia, where it is widely assumed that no serious person could doubt the law’s constitutionality.

This sort of dramatics is getting too common.  Remember Alec Baldwin’s histrionic threat to leave America is Bush-43 were elected? 

Of course, it’s not just liberals that act this way.  I remember receiving a comment from a blog reader accusing far-right conservatives of adopting a philosophy of despair that verges on nihilism.  And I had to admit that I had conservative friends who were almost dysfunctional because of their anguish about America’s future.

To these people on both sides, I suggest that they take a deep breath and keep working for the common good.


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