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July 1, 2012

Repealing ObamaCare

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Since the U.S. Supreme Court approved the constitutionality of ObamaCare, Republicans shifted their focus to repealing the law after the 2012 elections.  Mitt Romney assures Americans that his first act as president will be to repeal the ObamaCare law.  Is Romney’s assurance hyperbole or will he be able to deliver on the promise?

According to an article by Jennifer Steinhauer in today’s NY Times, Romney will not be able to repeal ObamaCare unless the Republican’s obtain filibuster-breaking control of the Senate, which is virtually impossible.  Steinhauer reports that some of the Affordable Care Act – i.e., taxes and federal subsidies that are at the core of the law – will be susceptible to repeal under the reconciliation process, which requires only 51 votes in the Senate.  But other parts of the Act – including medical coverage for children up to age 26, protections for people with pre-existing conditions and the end of annual and lifetime caps on certain forms of coverage — would require 60 votes under the filibuster rules.

Some Republicans are optimistic that a new Secretary of Health and Human Services will be able to dismantle other parts of ObamaCare through fiat, and such action would be consistent with the Obama administration’s decision to ignore immigration laws for illegal immigrants who are attending college after being brought to America as minors.  Other Republicans, however, are indicating that they actual like some components of ObamaCare, such as the provisions for dependent coverage for adult children and for lifting annual and lifetime spending caps.

All of this is complicated, with many moving parts.  As I told a friend yesterday, Mitt Romney better understands those moving part than anyone else in America, and this understanding makes him the most qualified person to dismantle ObamaCare.  Instead of government control of the medical industry, we need to let the free market work.


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