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July 14, 2012

Ruben Navarrette on Marco Rubio and Univision’s Jorge Ramos

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Ruben Navarrette’s recent column on Marco Rubio and illegal immigration was like Nixon going to China.  Only because Navarrette has built a lot of credibility as an advocate for America’s adoption of its 10-12 million illegal immigrants was he able to say what I hadn’t previously heard.

The focus of Navarrette’s column was an interview of VP-hopeful Marco Rubio by Univision’s Jorge Ramos.  Navarrette was clear that he thought Ramos’s interview was unprofessional – “As Rubio tried to make his points, Ramos repeatedly cut him off so the anchor could make his. This wasn’t an interview as much as an interrogation.”

But Navarrette’s comment that really caught my attention was as follows:

  • Stop the tape! That a class of people who shouldn’t even be in this country in the first place, and don’t have a legal right to remain, have demands at all is one of the things wrong with the immigration debate. 
  • Rubio made a similar assertion during the interview, reiterating what he has said in other venues about how there is no right to immigrate illegally and how many Americans resent that illegal immigrants in the United States have a sense of entitlement about the kind of life they feel they deserve. This involves more than expecting legal status. For some, it includes all the benefits of U.S. citizenship — no conditions to meet and no questions asked.
  • These are valuable observations on Rubio’s part. The immigration debate isn’t about rights, or expectations, or what people think they deserve. It’s about what is best for the United States.
  • Personally, I think what is best is a pathway to earned legal status for many but not all of the estimated 10 million undocumented immigrants in this country. Other Americans think differently and demand higher walls and more deportations. As harsh as it sounds, illegal immigrants don’t get a vote in the matter. And when they forget that and start making demands, it makes the job of those who are advocating for them much harder.

What a powerful statement!  And what an excellent way to frame the analysis!  Instead of calling each other names, let’s discuss dispassionately what is best for our country.

For the record, Navarrette points out that Rubio opposed the DREAM Act and supported the Arizona law, while Navarrette thinks Rubio has it backwards.  But despite this disagreement, he is willing to accept Rubio’s good faith.




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