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July 16, 2012

My school’s bigger than yours

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Last week at a Happy Hour with some former colleagues at USAA, a proud dad reported that his daughter was planning to attend Texas State next fall.  Not only was Texas State the alma mater of the girl’s mother, but it was, according to dad, the fifth biggest university in Texas with 34,000 kids.  Pretty impressive.  We all know it’s a canard that size doesn’t matter. 

Regarding the top four universities, we assumed UT and A&M topped the list, but struggled at identifying #3 and #4.  Maybe the explosive growth at UTSA moved it into the Top Five. As usual, Wikipedia put the information only a click away, and boy was I surprised to find the following:

  • Texas A&M and UT switched places in 2011.  A&M is the new top dog in Texas with 51,895; UT is next with 51,145.
  • U-Houston (39k) and U-North Texas (35k) remain in 3rd and 4th place.
  • Texas State (34k) and UT-Arlington (33k) moved into 5th and 6th place, passing Texas Tech and UTSA.

Texas A&M and UT are considered Tier One universities, and there is a lot of talk in Texas about trying to elevate some other universities to Tier One status.  In San Antonio, of course, that talk focuses on UTSA, with its booming enrollment.  The numbers above, however, reveal that UTSA’s enrollment is not booming, relatively speaking.

Incidentally, A&M and UT remain two of the biggest universities in America.  According to Wikipedia,    Arizona State leads the way with @70k, followed by Ohio and the University of Central Florida with @56k and Texas A&M and the Universities of Texas, Florida, and Minnesota with @51k.  This list includes only bricks-and-mortar universities, and doesn’t include on-line schools like the University of Phoenix (307k) or Kaplan University (77k) or community colleges like Miami Dade (61k) or Houston (60k)


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