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July 31, 2012

Mayor Julian Castro in Primetime

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The Democratic Party announced today that San Antonio mayor Julian Castro would be their convention keynote speaker, and the internet is full of stories introducing him to America.  I have blogged my city’s mayor for a couple of years, including the following entries:

  1. My analysis, titled “The Next Great Hispanic Hope,” of an in-depth profile on Castro in the New York Times Magazine. 
  2. My criticism, titled “Julian Castro and San Antonio’s Not Ready For Primetime Players,” of the City Council’s motion to condemn the Arizona immigration law. 
  3. My report, titled “Immigration and the State Bar of Texas,” on a talk on illegal immigration that Castro gave to a small group at the State Bar Convention. 

Politico.com put out a photo gallery today with “10 key facts about Julian Castro.”   One of those facts is that he has an identical twin brother, Joaquin, who is a state rep currently running for the 20th congressional district seat that is being vacated by Charles Gonzalez.  If you want to know about Joaquin and his golden-boy status in San Antonio, you could read my blog entry titled, “Joaquin Castro, an obviously flawed profile on as ostensibly unflawed candidate.”   

President Obama knows the power of being the keynote speaker, having once occupied that role himself.  And the Democrats surely wouldn’t have anointed Castro if he couldn’t deliver a stem-winding speech.  But having heard Castro speak on several occasions, I will be surprised if he delivers for Obama and the Democrats.  Castro seems to admit his weakness, according to #10 of Politico’s key facts about Castro:

  • He likens speeches to boxing, saying, “If always looking for a one-punch knockout, you get knocked out yourself.”

Castro, who has a bookish demeanor, should stay away from the sports metaphors or he will end up looking as silly as Michael Dukakis in a tank.


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