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August 2, 2012

Yoga etiquette and pet peeves

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Since retiring, I’ve become less irritable and more of a live-and-let-live sort of person.  The two major exceptions are while I’m (a) on the road (easily triggered road rage while driving or bike-riding) or (b) at yoga practice.  Several people at hot-yoga practice today got under my skin in varying ways:

  • Talking to and giggling with their neighbor during practice;
  • Yogis who skip the challenging asanas and then blithely tell us to work harder;  
  • Checking on a cell phone during practice, or even worse, failing to turn it to silent; and
  • Creating a hubbub by leaving early while the rest of us are trying to downshift into a meditative shavasana. 

Google reveals that I’m not the only one bothered by the lack of etiquette displayed by yoga practitioners.  Among their pet peeves:

  1. Wearing shoes into classroom;
  2. Showing up late;
  3. Refusing to adjust their mat to accommodate others;
  4. Doing your own routine instead of following the yogi’s cues;
  5. Preachy yogis who lecture about non-yoga things like weight, coffee, dairy, vegan, etc.;
  6. Talking outside the classroom while waiting for a class to end;
  7. Talking to the yogi during class with questions or suggestions;
  8. Too many adjustments made by yogi, or too few;
  9. Women who are too chatty leading up to class;
  10. Yogis who hydrate while students are in position;
  11. Not wearing underwear;
  12. Smelly mats;
  13. Too much perfume or cologne.

I’ve actually encountered the first ten items on the list above and most of them can be annoying.  Several addition items deserve a specific response:

  • Shirtless, sweaty men in loose-fitting shorts practicing commando.  I keep my shirt on during normal classes, but, like most men, take it off during hot classes.  Seems silly to wear a shirt that becomes soaking wet.  Seems analogous to going topless at the beach. 
  • Moaners and orgasm.  I’ve gotten into the habit of moaning, much like a tennis player or weightlifter, when I am getting out of a challenging asana.  Feels good, plus yogis often tell us that they enjoy hearing us breathing hard.  A week ago, for the first time, I heard a woman who sounded almost orgasmic during some of her movements, and I didn’t find it distracting in the slightest.
  • Ogling and treating the class like a singles mixer.  As the guy from Chick-fil-A said about his practices, “Guilty as charged.”
  • Yogi drill instructors.  Nothing wrong with encouraging us to try, but save the barking for spin class.

More than one person who posted something on a yoga website noted that the term “yoga pet peeve” was an oxymoron because someone who buys into the spiritual objective of yoga will not let any of these breaches of etiquette become a pet peeve.  There is something to be said for that; mind over matter.

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