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August 9, 2012

Dress codes and yoga

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The year I graduated from high school (1971), a Canadian rock band called the Five Man Electrical Band had a hit song – Signs.   Although the song takes on a lot of society’s bugaboos, including materialism, snobbishness, and anti-green behavior, it includes multiple reference to dress codes, and that is what prompted me to think about it earlier this week when Lifetime Fitness decided to impose a ban on topless yoga.  It seems that some presumably-matronly women thought the sight of sweaty, shirtless men in their midst was disagreeable, and Lifetime Fitness decided to accommodate them.

Coincidentally, only a week earlier I had blogged about yoga etiquette and defended the practice of going shirtless.  But beyond the substance of this particular issue, I think that my coming-of-age in 1971 has almost hard-wired me to rebel against rules that seem to have mainstream people imposing their values unnecessarily on outliers like me.  Perhaps that is why I have always been inclined to live in an apartment community instead of a suburban development.  And why I love the slogan, “Keep Austin weird.”    

Not coincidentally, “Rebel Without a Cause” is in my Netflix queue.

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