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August 10, 2012

Dual citizenship, Mexican-American Olympian Leo Manzoni, and columnist Ruben Navarrette

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Nationally syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette recently wrote an op-ed piece for CNN criticizing Mexican-American athlete Leo Manzano for draping himself in American and Mexican flags while celebrating his second-place finish in the men’s 1500-meter event at the London Olympics.  Although Navarrette has traditionally been a strong advocate for Mexican-Americans, this column provided a compelling rebuttal to Manzano’s action. 

One issue, however, that Navarrette mentions, but fails to elaborate on is dual citizenship.  According to Navarrette, Manzano’s father immigrated illegally to America with four-year-old Leo, yet somehow Leo was eventually able to earn American citizenship while retaining his Mexican citizenship.

For a primer on dual citizenship, you can refer to a year-old entry in my blog.  Suffice to say, Leo Manzano’s Olympian celebration was utterly inconsistent with the Oath of Allegiance that he pledged when he became a naturalized citizen.

p.s., a few weeks ago, Navarrette wrote another out-of-character column that I compared in my blog to “Nixon going to China.”  In the column, Navarrette took Univision anchor Jorge Ramos to task for his unprofessional “interrogation” of VP-possibility Marco Rubio.  More significantly, Navarrette closed his column by commenting on the rights of illegal immigrants:

  • The immigration debate isn’t about rights, or expectations, or what people think they deserve. It’s about what is best for the United States.  Personally, I think what is best is a pathway to earned legal status for many but not all of the estimated 10 million undocumented immigrants in this country.  Other Americans think differently and demand higher walls and more deportations.  As harsh as it sounds, illegal immigrants don’t get a vote in the matter.  And when they forget that and start making demands, it makes the job of those who are advocating for them much harder.”

Navarrette is revealing himself to be thoughtful, not a doctrinaire ideologue.


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