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August 13, 2012

Sunday Book Review #81 – American Sniper by Chris Kyle

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As usual, the subtitle of American Sniper tells you what the book is about – “The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History.”  I decided to read this movie after being fascinated by the three-star sniper movie “Enemy at the Gates,” and American Sniper didn’t disappoint. 

The thing I most enjoyed about American Sniper was reading something unvarnished, that wasn’t politically correct.  The author, Texan Chris Kyle, admitted that he enjoyed killing the enemy because they were “savages” who were intent on killing him and his fellow soldiers.  In his opinion, many in the military leadership were pussies focused more on advancing their careers than winning a war.  Iraqi soldiers were often worse than worthless because of their laziness, ineptitude, or cowardice.  His marriage encountered difficulty because his wife had trouble accepting his priorities – God, country, and family.  She thought country and family should be reversed.

The thing I found most informative about American Sniper was learning the critical role played by snipers in military assaults.  Although Kyle, a Navy Seal, was involved in a number of bin Laden-type raids, most of his work involved providing sniper cover for Marines making advances into enemy territory – first into Fallujah, then Ramadi, and finally in Sadr City.  Snipers not only helped to defend the advancing marines, but also to magnify their offensive capabilities.  Kyle couldn’t sing his praises enough for the courage of the Marines.

Periodically, Kyle’s wife interjected her perspective into this autobiography, and she is almost as impressive as he.  Her comments are starkly honest, and you can’t help but be impressed with the character of both of these Americans who met in a San Diego bar.

American Sniper is an interesting, informative book that makes you proud to be from the same country as these two fine people.


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