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August 15, 2012

Bumper sticker #2 – I know I run like a girl; try to keep up.

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While leaving the Lifetime Fitness gym today, I noticed a bumper sticker that read, “I know I run like a girl; try to keep up.”  That reminds me of the old saying, “You go, girl.”  The only difference is that the old saying was meant to encourage girls to get into the game, whereas the bumper saying is a defiant challenge that this girl may be better than the boy.

Coincidentally, the book that I am currently reading is titled The Richer Sex.  Although I am only one chapter deep in the book, its author Liza Mundy has already suggested that women are destined to lead most American households in the future.  She says this so-called “Big Flip” is almost inevitable because women will be better economic achievers in the new world that depends more on brains than brawn. 

I will try to be open-minded in reading The Richer Sex, but Mundy seems to be overloaded with hubris.  Her Big Flip statement reminds me of Newt Gingrich crowing after one of his few electoral successes that his presidential nomination was almost inevitable.  Ironically, he never won again and soon dropped out of the race.

I suggest that women should quit declaring that every victory is due to merit while every defeat is due to unfair discrimination.  And before women start asking for a concession speech from men, they should quit asking for men to spot them some points before starting the game.



  1. Mike, agreed. Equal means equal.

    Let us not confuse this with sameness, male and female are not, and should not be considered the same, that would make the world a very boring place. But it seems that many women are confused AND are, consequently, confusing the men in their orbits.

    I just read a very long string where a woman suggested the male rider in her vehicle was wrong and inappropriate because he didn’t offer to/actually pump the gasoline for her vehicle. One male (out of many) tried to point out the inconsistency of this position, but ALL the women (and most of the rest of the men currying favor) claimed that equality had nothing to do with it and that a man should always pump the gas, no matter who paid or owned the vehicle.

    What? If you can’t pump your own gas, wash your own vehicle, or change a tire, perhaps you shouldn’t drive and you make a very strong point for being considered “the weaker sex.” Why would ANY rational woman make this argument?

    I have always considered myself a feminist–I have since changed the word to humanist–I don’t just believe in women’s rights, I believe in human rights, which happens to include at least some of the male population, and I am offended when a woman, any woman, wants equality and then adds caveats about what males should do for women.

    Shared responsibility? Sure! Equal employment and opportunity? Sure! But, do this for me because I am female and you are male flies in the face of the entire premise. Especially over something silly like pumping gas.

    Worse, it has become acceptably de rigour to dismiss or, worse, push down/make fun of/quash white males.

    Society needs to find a new way for males and females to collaborate and cooperate, not conduct war.

    Comment by Bob Bevard — August 15, 2012 @ 7:22 pm | Reply

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