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August 15, 2012

Jimbo goes to college

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Early this morning, my youngest son Jimmy and I packed up his pickup truck, and he was soon headed east to Ohio, where he is matriculating at Franciscan University at Steubenville.  Fortunately, he is picking up a friend in Austin, so he will have company during the 1500-mile drive.  Also, once he arrives in Steubenville, he will have other friends on campus.  And perhaps most importantly, he will have an immediate immersion into college rugby.  Franciscan apparently has a strong Division III rugby program, and the coach was sufficiently impressed with Jimmy’s football credentials that he has been invited to join the rugby team for its first practice this Saturday.  For a guy with so much sports in his blood, Jimmy will benefit greatly from this opportunity to continue in competitive athletics.  

Jimmy deciding to matriculate at Franciscan reminds me of a decision I made more than 40 years ago.  At the time, I had a full scholarship from the U.S. Army and an application to the University of Notre Dame, the school I had loved since I was a kid.  But at the last minute, I blinked and decided that I didn’t want to leave North Dakota (and all my friends and family).  So instead of Notre Dame, I enrolled at UND, the University of North Dakota.  Although I obtained a great education at UND, I have always regretted not going to Notre Dame for two primary reasons:

  1. Notre Dame is a national school that provides a great springboard to opportunities across the nation.
  2. The formative college years can be more fully experienced if you are removed from the day-to-day influence of friends and family.

These reasons don’t apply to everyone, or even to most people, but they do apply to someone who feels his current environment in confining.  Ironically, I was an anguished kid who found his current environment confining, but also felt such a deep emotional tie to that environment that he found it painful to leave.   By contrast, Jimmy seems to be looking forward to living in a new environment and going wherever that experience leads him.

Exciting times.



  1. Time for a brew!

    Comment by Bob Bevard — August 15, 2012 @ 7:27 pm | Reply

  2. […] because I’m a person with a lifelong problem with homesickness that I briefly touched on with a post to my blog when Jimmy drove off to Ohio a couple of months ago.  In that post, I mentioned how this problem […]

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