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August 26, 2012

San Antonio’s keynoter receives some hometown treatment from the Express-News

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As he prepares to give the keynote address at the Democratic convention in a couple of weeks, San Antonio’s mayor Julian Castro is the subject of a lengthy profile in today’s San Antonio Express-News.  The profile involved such extensive reporting that the Express-News assigned two bigtime reporters to it – Gary Martin and Josh Baugh (hereinafter M&B), with contributions from John Gonzalez.  Unfortunately, M&B decide to write a puff piece instead of doing any real reporting. 

Some pundits have described Julian Castro as Obama-lite, and this article reveals a disturbing tendency of fawning media to fail in their responsibility to vet our public figures, as they did with President Obama. The following is a list of information that we learned in the piece as compared to what M&B failed to report.

  1. M&B tell us that Julian Castro’s dad lived with Julian’s mom, Rosie, until the twins were eight years old and always remained in their lives.  In addition to neglecting to tell us Dad’s name, M&B failed to tell us why the twins’ “activist” parents declined to get married.
  2. M&B tell us that the twins attended Stanford University as undergraduates.  Julian has previously admitted that he gained admission to Stanford based on affirmative action and has argued that his success is evidence that affirmative action works.  M&B should have asked Julian if he knows what happened to the better qualified individual whose place in Stanford he took.  Furthermore, if affirmative action is designed to help the disadvantaged, does Julian think that he and Joaquin, as the sons of two college-educated activists, were disadvantaged individuals entitled to admission preferences.
  3. M&B tell us that the twins’ mom Rosie, was “a leader in the La Raza Unida Party, who they ubiquitously point to as the foundation of their success.”  This issue reminds me of President Obama’s connection to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, of whom then-candidate Obama said, “I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother,” before disowning him.  M&B should have asked Julian whether he shares his mother’s well-known views about the disgraceful quality of the men who defended the Alamo.
  4. M&B tell us that Julian was raising funds for a City Council campaign even before he had graduated from law school, which qualifies him as a career politician.  M&B should have asked Julian how a poor kid like himself has been able to sustain himself on low-paying, full-time political jobs.  There are rumors that he received a windfall from some legal settlement; detail, please?

 As an optimist, I believe many Americans have learned a hard lesson in electing Barack Obama as president, and they won’t repeat the same mistake.  Let’s hope the media has also learned a lesson in its failure to vet Barack Obama and won’t repeat the mistake with Julian Castro.




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