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August 27, 2012

Where are the conservative (non-radical) Republicans when we need them?

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MySanAntonio.com recently published an interesting column by NT Times columnist Thomas Friedman.  In the column, Friedman lamented the fact that America was unable to address the four great problems of today because control of the Republican Party had been ceded by the conservatives to the TEA Party radicals. 

What are America’s four great problems?  According to Friedman:

  1. The nexus of debt, taxes, and entitlements;
  2. Immigration;
  3. Energy and climate; and
  4. Education

Friedman suggests that the solutions to these problems are obvious if you are as smart as he is.  Debt, taxes, and entitlements – we need to adopt significant tax increases and spending cuts – i.e., the Obama position.  Immigration – we need to create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants – i.e., the Obama position.  Energy and climate – we need to require that the energy industry be accountable for all of its costs and then let the markets work.  That makes sense.  Education – teacher evaluations, core standards, charter schools, vouchers, and the elimination of union rules.  That makes sense, too.

Friedman fears that unless the TEA Party is shunted aside by the Republican Party, neither Obama nor Romney will be able to address these problems.  I disagree.  The TEA Party is not opposed to Friedman’s suggested energy and education reforms.  And with respect to taxes and immigration, Friedman will eventually learn that his positions in favor of higher taxes and paths to citizenship may be in the mainstream at the New York Times, but they are extreme positions to most of America.

As President Obama is wont to say, elections matter, and the election of 2012 will break the current logjam.


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