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September 4, 2012

The national GOP platform for 2012

Filed under: Issues,Politics — Mike Kueber @ 3:09 pm

Speculation about controversial planks in the national GOP platform for 2012 (abortion, same-sex marriage) was rampant last week prior to the GOP national convention.  Now that the platform has actually been published, there has been virtually no discussion of the formally adopted planks because the media’s limited span of attention has shifted to this week’s Democratic convention. 

I, however, am a big fan of public policy and thus looked forward to examining the GOP document with a fine-toothed comb.  Unfortunately, when I found the document online today, I was shocked to see how verbose it was.  It appears the drafters of the document, including co-chair ND senator John Hoeven, came down with a severe case of logorrhea. Unlike the Texas GOP platform, the national document is written in the style of a Russian novel instead of a succinct constitution. 

Thanks, but no thanks.


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