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September 30, 2012

Sunday Book Review #84 – The Amateur by Edward Klein

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I have read probably a dozen books that attempt to eviscerate Barack Obama and his administration.  Invariably, however, the authors are too emotional to be persuasive.  The books read like transcriptions of the nightly talk shows on FOX News, rehashing the same talking points.  Edward Klein’s book, The Amateur, is different.  Although Klein clearly believes that Barack Obama is not qualified, either temperamentally or substantively, to be president of the United States, he makes his argument in a logical, dispassionate manner that is consistent with the FOX bromide, “We report, you decide.”

The Amateur comprises five parts:

  1. Chicago, That Toddlin’ Town.
  2. Amateur Hours at the White House
  3. With Friends Like These
  4. The Obama Doctrine
  5. A One-Term Proposition

Part One exposes as fraudulent the David Axelrod narrative of Barack Obama as Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  Instead of seeing Obama as an earnest idealist, Klein reveals him to be an unprincipled Chicago politician who was heavily influenced by Reverend Jeremiah Wright. 

Part Two provides a litany of unforced errors committed by President Obama that Klein attributes to his utter lack of experience or skill in managing or administering government.  Even worse, unlike a similarly unqualified President Kennedy, Obama has not displayed any capacity to learn from his numerous mistakes.

Part Three describes several situations where Obama has deserted allies who are no longer needed (e.g., Oprah, Caroline Kennedy).

Part Four focuses on foreign policy, or actually the absence of any consistent foreign policy.  National Security Chief General James Jones is portrayed as an excellent advisor who was mistreated by President Obama before being supplanted by three know-nothings – Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and Tom Donilon.

And finally in Part Five, Klein argues that, unlike other so-called transformational elections, the 2012 election is truly transformational because America will be deciding whether to reject or accept the past four-year lurch toward big government and redistribution of wealth. 

I disagree with Klein’s assessment because, if Obama is re-elected and the economy continues to flounder, America will still be able to reverse its course in 2016, albeit with a much bigger debt to service.

Excellent book.


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