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October 12, 2012

The Ryan-Biden debate

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I think Joe Biden won the debate because he was the most presidential, which is supposed to be the number-one factor in selecting a vice president.  Yes, Ryan is better qualified than his predecessor Sarah Palin, but his inexperience vis-à-vis Biden was obvious.  And moderator Martha Raddatz exacerbated Ryan’s weakness by centering the debate on foreign policy, where Ryan is particularly weak and Biden is especially strong.  On most subjects, Biden seemed to be talking from the heart while Ryan tried to regurgitate Romney talking points.  Even with entitlement reforms, Ryan is too much of a wonk to effectively sell the reform. 

Both candidates tended to ignore the Raddatz’s questions to get to their talking points, but only Biden had enough listening skills to call the other guy on it.  If you think Barack Obama’s debating skills were rusty, you should know that Ryan reportedly hasn’t debated for eight years.

Why is it that Bush-41, McCain, and Romney say they wanted a vice president who could become president on day one, and then pick someone who clearly isn’t ready for prime time?  Obama didn’t make that mistake, and neither did Reagan or Bush-43?      

Aside from asking too many foreign-policy questions, I think Raddatz did an excellent job as moderator.  She gave the candidates a chance to sell themselves (as did Jim Lehrer), and one of them was a better salesman than the other.


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  1. really, i thought biden opened with a strategy of “passive aggresiveness”, but then took it to a bizarre level, sublime even. later he abandoned his opening strategy and was openly aggressive and arrogant – classic far left (shocked and angry that opposing views exist).


    Comment by Q — October 16, 2012 @ 2:19 pm | Reply

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