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October 17, 2012

Romney v. Obama – Debate #2

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Instead of watching Debate #2 at home alone, I happened to catch it on a friend’s patio, surrounded by several certifiable conservatives.  Not surprisingly, there was nothing but cheering for Romney’s responses and jeering for Obama’s.  Only after the debate did I think about who “won” the debate. 

My initial thought was that Romney had won a close decision because, like virtually all of his previous debates, he displayed three important qualities – knowledgeable, reasonable, and articulate.  Obama was obviously much better than in Debate #1, but he couldn’t match Romney on any of those qualities.  Only after hearing my favorite pundit, Charles Krauthammer, conclude that Obama had won a close decision did I notice some of Romney’s disappointments and Obama’s successes.  I respect Krauthammer so much that I defer to his judgment.

The biggest disappointment was the exchange over the Libya assassination.  In what should have been Obama’s biggest weakness, Romney actually looked bad because he misstated Obama’s position on whether the assassination was a terrorist attack or a mob reaction to a movie, and Candy Crowley weighed in to magnify the misstatement.  In a different debating format, the exchange on Libya would have continued until Romney prevailed on the merits, but in this format, Crowley cut off any clarification and left Romney like a scolded child.       

Obama also took advantage of the Crowley format by holding back his “47%” allegation until his final response of the debate so that Romney would not have a chance to respond.  I expect Romney would have made Obama pay for the allegation by reminding him and the listeners that Obama under a similar circumstance in 2008 had charged that fear was causing rural voters to cling to their religion and guns.  That is why I don’t expect Obama to bring up 47% in Debate #3.

There is a lot of post-debate talk about “binders of women.”  This morning on Imus in the Morning, Don Imus tore into one of his guest who mentioned the comment.  He was so rough on his guest, Lis Wiehl, that the network censor bleeped out part of it.  He thought her criticism was a ridiculous example of political correctness and claimed that everyone knew what Romney meant.  I’m so obtuse that I don’t even know what was politically incorrect about the statement.

There has been a lot of talk in football lately about the effect of losing or winning a game going into bye week – i.e., you live with the win or loss for two weeks instead of one.  Well, the next debate is Monday, so there is not a lot of time to feel good or bad about Debate #2 because Debate #3 is right around the corner, and Obama will not be able to bob and weave his way out of his Libya embarrassment next time.


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