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October 22, 2012

Bob Kerrey

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Nebraska senatorial candidate Bob Kerrey was a guest on Don Imus’s talk show this morning.  Although Kerrey is a famous liberal and is trailing Deb Fischer by 5% in their contest, Imus recommended whole-heartedly that Nebraskans vote for Kerrey because he would add a unique voice to the U.S. Senate.  After listening to Kerrey for a few minutes, I found myself agreeing with Imus because of Kerrey’s two major points:

  1. The debt is America’s biggest substantive challenge, and a bipartisan approach like Simpson-Bowles is our proper course of action.
  2. Polarization in Washington is America’s biggest structural challenge, and Kerry wants to work with the Senate’s original maverick John McCain to attack polarization.  For example, party caucuses, which used to meet annually, but now meet weekly, should be returned to their previous obscurity.  Great idea.

During the interview, Imus repeatedly called on to Nebraskans to vote for Kerrey without even mentioning his opponent.  But when Imus returned from a commercial, to his credit, he provided Deb Fischer’s name and noted that she was probably a fine candidate, but Kerrey deserved to win because he was extraordinary. 

I understand Imus’s thinking, but I can’t help thinking that a vote for Kerrey is a vote for Harry Reid to continue in charge of the U.S. Senate.


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