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October 23, 2012

The final Romney-Obama debate

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The final Romney-Obama debate centered on foreign policy.  Personally, I don’t think foreign policy deserves an entire debate because I subscribe to Senator Arthur Vandenberg’s statement in 1947 that, “Politics ends at the water’s edge.”  But since there was a debate, it was important to show up, and my man Mitt did.  Just as importantly, Mitt needed to show Americans that he was not a war-monger, and he clearly did that. 

Key points about the debate:

  • Libya.  Romney decided not to belabor the Libya debacle unless the moderator, Bob Schieffer, brought it up.  Inexplicably, Schieffer gave Obama a pass.
  • The apology tour.  Romney provided a vigorous defense of his charge that Obama conducted an apology tour after being elected in 2008 by quoting Obama as saying America tended to be dismissive and derisive and liked to dictate.  Romney countered that America didn’t dictate to other countries; it freed them.
  • Mean-spirited.  Obama’s tone was that of any angry, cynical man, while Romney’s was that of a calm, clear-thinking executive.  Romney’s excellent counter to Obama was to say, “Attacking me is not an agenda.”
  • Default expression.  Britt Hume noted that each man spent a lot of time on split-screen looking at his opponent and that Obama’s default expression was anger and dismissive while Romney’s was considerate and thoughtful.  I agree with Hume’s observation.  Advantage Romney.
  • Obama’s needle.  Obama ended just about every question by throwing out an incendiary needle that distorted Romney’s position, but Romney had the discipline to ignore the needle and instead provide a thoughtful, big-picture response.
  • Horses and bayonets.  Obama asserted that Romney didn’t understand the modern military and shouldn’t focus on the number of ships in the Navy.  Perhaps, Obama suggested, Romney wasn’t aware that we don’t use horses and bayonets anymore.  Maybe someone needs to tell Obama that the most Marines (except its corpsemen) still use bayonets.  

So, even though politics should end at the water’s edge, this debate did confirm that Romney has a thorough working knowledge of foreign policy and that he will not lead America into any war of choice.  I think he closed the deal tonight.


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  1. i’m with you on the assessment. obama is not coming across as confident to me he is coming across as a jerk. if you think someone is a liar then call them a liar not “intellectually dishonest”. and, look em in the eye while you are doing it…


    Comment by Q — October 27, 2012 @ 4:22 pm | Reply

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