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October 28, 2012

LampPost Bed & Breakfast and dancing

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While visiting my son in Steubenville, OH, I stayed at the LampPost Bed & Breakfast.  Although bed & breakfast places have become ubiquitous during the last 20 or 30 years, this was my first experience with the concept.  Why would I stay in a person’s home when I could save money and stay in an economical motel?

As with many things in my life, economics is a controlling factor, so it is not surprising that is what led me to LampPost.  My son had warned me that finding a motel room in Steubenville was difficult, so shortly before arriving at his campus, I stopped in a convenient motel and was surprised to learn it charged $150 a night.  That was too pricey, I said, and the proprietor told me that there were only two other motels in town, and they were a bit cheaper, but not nearly as nice.

With that bittersweet news (rooms were available, but more expensive than I wanted to pay), I proceeded to Jimmy’s rugby practice.  Then, while visiting with one of Jimmy’s injured teammates, I mentioned the high price of the motel, and he said his mom, when visiting for Parent’s Weekend, had stayed at a nice bed & breakfast for only $50 a night.  Even better, he still had its phone number.  A few minutes later, I was all set at $50.

The LampPost proprietors are quite a couple.  Joe and Peggy are both 74-years old, and have been married for six years (after meeting on-line), with both of their previous spouses being victims to cancer.  It’s hard to believe that Joe is 74, unless you visualize Kirk Douglas at that age, while Peggy seems the traditional housewife.  The Romney signs in their front yard portended their staunch conservatism, and that was confirmed by the LampPost prohibition of alcohol.  With the presidential election only a bit more than a week away, that was often the subject of our conversations, and they are worried to death that President Obama will be re-elected and that America will go over the fiscal cliff to resemble either Greece or General Motors. 

But America’s decline is not stopping them from enjoying their golden years.  Joe is a natural dancer, and he has taught Peggy to be a competent partner.  Joe joked about hopeless dancers who lacked rhythm so completely that they couldn’t even clap to a song’s beat, let alone dance to it, and he laughed when I told him that that was me.  Although this sort of realization might be discouraging to some, it has actually comforted me because now I accept my dismal dancing, not as a lack of trying, but as a non-gift, akin to my non-creativity.  I have been blessed with some gifts, but rhythm and creativity are not among them.  As the Serenity Prayer suggests, accept the things you cannot change. 

Joe and Peggy attend church twice a week – his Saturday Mass and her Sunday Protestant service.  Peggy suggested to me that the Saturday Mass was not as satisfying to them because it was so structured with rote communication and a short sermon, while the Sunday service was full of preaching and post-service fellowship. 

As I was listening to Peggy, her description of Mass/services seemed to be analogous to the difference between a motel and a bed & breakfast.  At a motel, everything is structured and you are unlikely to make a human connection.  By contrast, at a bed & breakfast, you will not only make a human connection, but you will also learn an immense amount of information about the community.

Bed & breakfast – what a great concept!


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