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November 2, 2012

Bernard McGuirk and Hurricane Sandy

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Bernard McGuirk, a regular social commentator on the Don Imus talk show, finally returned to the show today after being stranded on Long Island for several days.  His principal contribution to the show is a segment titled “Bernie’s Briefing” at the bottom of every hour, during which he plays brief clips of various personalities saying provocative or outrageous things.  One of today’s clips showed Rush Limbaugh complaining about NJ Governor Chris Christie’s love fest with President Obama over his handling of NJ’s Hurricane Sandy problems.  

According to McGuirk, Limbaugh’s complaint is outrageous because Christie and Obama displaying their concern for New Jersey’s affected residents is more important than the Rush’s concern that their photo ops will negatively affect the most important presidential election in decades.  McGuirk, a resident of New York, wished his governor, Andrew Cuomo, displayed similar concern.

Actually, Governor Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bloomberg specifically disinvited President Obama from inspecting the damage in New York because they felt such a visit would distract and detract from the ongoing emergency relief efforts.  Ironically, George W. Bush was greatly criticized by the Democrats and the media for failing to immediately inspect the Hurricane Katrina damage in New Orleans even when he explained that he didn’t want to distract and detract from the ongoing emergency relief efforts.

Perhaps when McGuirk has acclimated himself to being back in civilization, he will realize that there are others besides conservatives like Rush Limbaugh who recognize the boon that Christie afforded the undeserving Obama.  Even the Washington Post reported on Christie’s generous gift of this Commander-in-Chief moment. 

p.s., with all of the lessons learned from Katrina, I wonder what Obama would have done if confronted by 100,000 helpless victims crying for relief in Madison Square Garden.  Thankfully, America has only one New Orleans.


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