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November 6, 2012

The eve of the 2012 presidential election

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On Sunday afternoon, I posted the following comment on my Facebook wall:

  • Couldn’t watch the political news all day today. I’m getting a sick feeling in my stomach that the American voters are more impressed by Obama’s ordinary performance with Sandy (thanks, Chris Christie) and less concerned about his abysmal performance with Benghazi (thanks, mainstream media).

Since then I’ve regained a bit of my optimism by listening to pundits on FOX News.  Although Intrade.com continues to give Romney only 2-1 odds, there are a plethora of signs that the voters are declining follow the guidance of the mainstream media and will turn out in record numbers to elect Romney.

Aside from the horse-race perspective, my feelings are stronger than ever that America needs for Romney to win the election.  As usual, pundit Charles Krauthammer articulates my opinion better than I can.  In his Sunday column, he predicted that 2012 will be a transformation election, like Reagan’s in 1980 and FDR’s in 1932.  ObamaCare will either be ratified or rejected.  More importantly, re-electing Obama means that America will continue down its current path to a European-type welfare state, whereas electing Romney means that American voters want to return to more individual responsibility. 

Earlier in this campaign I rejected the doomsday scenario described by many conservative pundits because I believed America will have another opportunity to change course in four years.  Upon further reflection, however, I am concerned now that the pundits are correct because four more years of Obama might have American on an evitable path to becoming like GM except there will be no one to bail us out.


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