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November 9, 2012

The Republican Party and illegal immigrants

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Charles Krauthammer, the world’s most brilliant columnist, has suggested to the Republican Party a simple way to win the next presidential election – namely, agree to provide amnesty to America’s illegal immigrants.  In his first post-election column, Krauthammer argues that Hispanics provided President Obama with his margin of victory and that Hispanics would be conservative voters if not for the Republican Party’s opposition to amnesty.  By contrast, he points out that other key Democratic constituencies, such as blacks, young people, and unmarried women, are generally big-government liberals and, therefore, cannot be pursued without compromising the Republican Party’s conservative, small-government principles. 

I agree that amnesty for illegal immigrants (the term “illegal immigrants” was endorsed just yesterday in a column by the most influential Hispanic columnist, Ruben Navarrette)  does not violate fundamental conservative principles.  Yes, conservatives are generally more in favor of strict adherence to the law and opposed to anyone benefiting from violating the law, but granting an exception under extenuating circumstances can be explained and justified.   

Not everyone thinks like Krauthammer.  Laura Ingrahm substituted for Bill O’Reilly tonight on FOX News and touched on this issue, too.  She argued that the Republican Party shouldn’t get into a bidding war with Democrats over their special-interests constituencies because the Democrats can always offer more than the Republicans can.  For an example, she said Republicans could agree to amnesty, but then the Democrats would offer more affirmative action, etc. 

Even without the Democrats outbidding Republicans, I am not as confident as Krauthammer that amnesty will prompt a massive shift in Hispanic allegiance.  There is a long history of Hispanics voting Democratic, and it will take time for them to conclude that that allegiance no longer makes sense.  But it is worth trying, and it is time to get started.


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