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November 14, 2012

Dennis Miller resigns himself to….

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On the day of the presidential election, I blogged about whether this election would be the Armageddon.  In my blog posting, I declared that, although I had previously rejected the doomsday scenario, my mind had been changed by a Krauthammer column that suggested this election would be transformational, like Reagan’s in 1980 and FDR’s in 1932. 

The day after the election, Dennis Miller appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show and poignantly lamented end of America as he knew it.  Among his insights:

  • Romney is a good man and he was not the problem.  They demonized him.  “Mr. Romney, I’m proud of you.”
  • This election is where this country is at now.  This is not America’s proudest moment.  We’ve gone a long way toward being the European model. 
  • If you are humping to make $45k, you can now get close to that handed to you by the gov’t.
  • I like America the way it was; it’s not going to be that way anymore.
  • Single women aspire to be someone like Sandra Fluke.  That doesn’t resonate with me.
  • I’m not going anywhere; America is still the best country in the world. 
  • Do I ever think it will go back?  No, I don’t.  This is it; it’s the new majority.  I’m a good citizen; I’ll pay any tax they ask me to.  I’m not a cheater.
  • It’s not the America I knew from 18-58.  Is that the end of the world?  No.  I don’t have a lump under my arm.  I’ve got a great life, but it’s not the America I was comfortable with.

Bill O’Reilly disagreed with Miller and suggested that if Obama fails to turn the economy around, the liberal movement (social justice, secular progressivism) will collapse forever.

I think O’Reilly is wrong on two levels:

  1. Wanting America to fail.  His thinking sounds a lot like Rush Limbaugh saying four years ago that he hopes Obama fails.  I don’t want the American economy to tank just because this would reflect on Obama’s liberal agenda.  In fact, I plan to leave most of my saving in the stock market and will be hoping for a robust recovery that will likely inure to the credit of the liberals/progressives. 
  2. The ratchet effect.  Voters are typically averse to accepting any reduction in benefits once they have gotten accustomed to having them (the ratchet goes in only one direction).  That was essentially the thrust of Krauthammer’s column and Miller’s lament, and I continue to believe they are correct.  ObamaCare will become another component of a Europe-style welfare state that Americans will feel entitled to.

I don’t think America is going to fail.  Instead it will be fundamentally transformed, as promised by Obama.  The new majority will be proud of its heightened morality and refer back to Kennedy’s admonition to “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”  But there will be no new Greatest Generation with great accomplishments.  This generation will instead be focused on the politics of dividing a diminishing pie. 

So sad.


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