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November 14, 2012

The Obama campaign’s academic dream team

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According to a NY Times article, President Obama employed an academic dream team of sociologists to develop cutting-edge campaigning tactics.  One of those tactics was described as follows:

  • Obama volunteers also asked people if they had a plan to vote and if not, to make one, specifying a time, according to Stephen Shaw, a retired cancer researcher who knocked on doors in Nevada and Virginia in the days before the election. “One thing we’d say is that we know that when people have a plan, voting goes more smoothly,” he said.  Recent research has shown that making even a simple plan increases the likelihood that a person will follow through, Dr. Rogers, of Harvard, said.

The article went on to smugly note – “Consortium members said they knew of no such informal advisory panel on the Republican side. Efforts to contact the Romney campaign were unsuccessful.”

Well, if the Times had asked me, I would have told the reporter, as I have previously blogged, that the Romney campaign in Ohio was employing the same tactic on sporadic voters that the article described as cutting edge.  No wonder people get an inflated view of Obama and his campaign.


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