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November 16, 2012

Romney’s claim that Democratic special interests are being bought by “gifts”

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Mitt Romney is catching a lot of flak for his comment about President Obama having earned the votes of minorities, young people, and single women by “gifting” them with various governmental benefits.  Several pundits have suggested that his comment is merely a variation of his “47%” comment about givers and takers.  That comment got him in trouble during the presidential election even though he immediately retracted it as a stupid misstatement.  In hindsight, his comment appears to fit cynic Michael Kinsley’s definition of a gaffe – i.e., an occurrence of a politician inadvertently telling the truth about what he is thinking.  

One of those pundits, Ezra Klein, noted sarcastically the following in his Washington Post blog:

  • “[Romney’s] voters are worth something to the economy — they’re producers — and they respond to legitimate appeals about how to best manage the country. The Democrats’ voters are drags on the economy — moochers — and they respond to crass pay-offs.”    

Klein’s sarcasm is worth examining.  I agree with his suggestion that each party tends to demonize the special interests that support the opposition party.  For the Republicans, that would be people on the dole or those wanting governmental preference (minorities, feminists, unions).  For Democrats, that would be the rich or religious.  And it is undeniable that each political constituency gravitates toward to the party that offers it the most.  Indeed, that is what politics is intended to do in a democracy. 

Furthermore, despite the low-minded calculations that politicians by necessity must make, we need to mutually recognize that each party is partially motivated by high-minded, albeit different, objectives – the Democrats are motivated by social justice while the Republicans pursue individual liberty.     

But the “producer vs. moocher” or the “giver vs. taker” characterization takes on a new significance in the Obama era.  Ever since the President’s dust-up with Joe, the Plumber, the President has been accurately accused of pursuing redistribution.  By definition, this consists of taking money from some and giving it to others.  Although this action is arguably consistent with the Democratic Party’s longstanding social-justice objective, it is also radical and extreme and will result inevitably in class warfare unlike any we have seen thus far.



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