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November 18, 2012

Saturday Night at the Movies #54 – The Aron Ralston Story (2003)

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This was literally a Saturday Night at the Movies for me because I just finished watching The Aron Ralston Story on this Saturday night.  This documentary concerns the world-famous true story of an adventurer, Aron Ralston, being trapped in a canyon in Utah for several days before extricating himself by amputating his arm.  It was produced only six months after the actual incident and was initially presented by Tom Brokaw as a Dateline NBC 2-hour special.

My adventurer son Mikey recommended the documentary to me after noticing in my blog that I enjoyed another adventurer movie, Into the Wild.  I told Mikey that I had seen the movie 127 Hours, which was a 2010 drama based on the same story, and hadn’t much enjoyed it, but I would give the documentary a try. 

Boy, am I glad I did.  This is an inspiring tear-jerker that is so much more than being trapped in a canyon for 127 hours.  Although Ralston shares a bit of the devil-may-care attitude with Chris McCandless from Into the Wild (Ralson declares in the documentary that McCandless was a hero of his), it is notable that as Ralston faded toward death, he was full of remorse for the pain he knew his family was feeling, while McCandless seemed to feel, if anything, bitterness toward his parents.

Although The Aron Ralston Story is full of inspirational moments (Ralston is currently and aptly an inspirational speaker), the inspiration reaches a crescendo at the end when Ralston claims that he would rather have his life with those 127 hours as a part of it than a life that omitted them.  Wow.  

So why didn’t I like 127 Hours, which was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture?  I’m beginning to think the concept of being trapped in a canyon for 127 hours didn’t interest me.  Or I might have been distracted by someone or something when I watched it.  In any event, The Aron Ralston Story has motivated me to give 127 Hours another try.  Plus, I want to see how it compares to the true story.  The Rotten Tomato critics give 127 Hours a score of 93%, with an audience score of 84%.  By contrast, no critics have reviewed The Aron Ralston Story, while all six audience members gave it a perfect score.  I’m giving it a top score of four out of four stars.


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