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November 20, 2012

Saturday Night at the Movies #55 – Not Since You (2010)

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Not Since You is about some college friends (Greeks) who graduate from NYU shortly before 9/11, drift apart, and then are brought back together about ten years later for a wedding in Georgia.  The reunion would be great nostalgia except that one adventurer guy hasn’t gotten over his since-married girlfriend and another guy is still upset at his best friend for stealing his girlfriend.  And a third guy is still dealing with the 9/11 disaster, which would have killed him if he hadn’t gotten drunk the night before and missed work the next day.

Talk about a movie not being noticed – Not Since You is the first movie I have seen without a Wikipedia entry.  And the website Rotten Tomato has not given it a critical rating because there has been only one critical review, by Stephen Cole of The Globe and Mail.  The review, with a one-star rating, concludes as follows – “Some films need script doctors. A slow, unconvincing cable-TV movie, Not Since You requires script hospice workers.”  The Rotten Tomato audience gives it a mediocre 40% rating.

I loved watching this movie from the first moment, when the long, lost friends start gathering at a Georgia plantation for the wedding, to the very end when they take a group picture that approximates an earlier college-aged photo.  

Why am I a sucker for sentimental movies like this?  Because I love nostalgia, especially when it involves former college friends.  And I love the desperate torment of unresolved relationships.  And NYU is one of my favorite places. 

Stars Desmond Harrington (the adventurer) and Kathleen Robertson (married boarding-school teacher) are excellent, and their satisfying ending climaxed the viewing experience for me.  When she sees him for the first time in years, she asks if he has anyone special in his life; his response – “Not since you.”  Later, when he says he is finally writing his oft-deferred book about what is important to him, and she asks whether she is in it, he responds, “It’s all about you.”

Regardless of what the critic said, I think the script is superb.  The movie was even better the second time I watched it.  Four stars out of four, easy.


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