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November 29, 2012

How do the progressives propose to fix Medicare/Medicaid?

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One of the most fatuous charges made by Democrats during the recent presidential election was that Republicans plan to eliminate Medicare “as we know it.”  That charge is fatuous because every sentient person knows that Medicare as we know it is unsustainable and must be reformed.  At least, I thought every sentient person knew that. 

Before the election prompted both sides into making ridiculous statements, the conventional wisdom was that, because Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid comprised such a large percentage of federal spending, the out-of-control federal deficit could not be tamed without making significant changes to those entitlement programs.  Everyone agreed on that.

Post-election, however, I have read a series of disturbing reports indicating that progressives/liberals are opposed to making significant changes to those programs.  Huh?  That doesn’t make any sense, but for some reason the mainstream media doesn’t press these people to explain their nonsensical position. 

An explanation for the media’s negligent conduct can, perhaps, be found in today’s editorial in the NY Times.  In that editorial, the Times asserts that neither Medicare or Medicaid can be touched without “hurting the most vulnerable Americans.” 

So, if the Times opposes any cuts, how does it propose to bring fiscal sanity to these programs?  Ironically, it suggests something that reminds me of the Republican plan to balance the budget through so-called dynamic scoring – i.e., a booming economy.  The Times claims that the costs of Medicare and Medicaid will become manageable in the future because ObamaCare will reform healthcare in America by making it better and more efficient.

There may have been a time in America’s past when we could afford to make economic decisions on the basis of what George H.W. Bush called voodoo economics, but that time is passed.  Neither party should be presenting budgetary proposals that depend on rosy, highly speculative scenarios.     


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