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November 29, 2012

Saturday Night at the Movies #57 – Click

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One of my favorite philosophical discussions concerns whether a life in pain is worth living.  For most people, the context for this discussion involves a person with a terminal illness.  I, however, sometimes take these discussions in a different direction by asserting that I would rather not live those days when I am in the throes of a bad flu or cold.

Most people initially react by scoffing at my assertion because no reasonable person should want to die because of a relatively mild, temporary affliction.  But then I explain that I’m not talking about dying; rather, I’m talking about fast-forwarding past those uncomfortable days.  My point is that because of my low pain threshold, those days with a bad cold or flu are so bad for me that I would rather not live them.

An even easier example for me concerns the week or so following my motorcycle accident back in 1980, when I received a bad case of road rash that required my then-girlfriend to rip off the bandage several times a day and scrub the rash with a brush.  No question about fast-forwarding past those days.

Last Thanksgiving weekend, I was having this philosophical discussion with two of my sons when my eldest, Bobby, told me that he had seen a movie called Click that is based on nearly the same philosophical premise.  Although I was initially disappointed to learn, once more, that my original thinking was not original, I was even more excited to see the movie.

Click (2006) is a sci-fi comedy drama starring Adam Sandler as a workaholic who receives from Christopher Walken a magical remote control that enables Sandler to fast-forward past times that he deems not worth living.  Not surprisingly, Sandler uses the device too often and ends up missing most of his life.  Critics note that the movie seems to rip-off, unsuccessfully, It’s a Wonderful Life and Back to the Future and give it a middling Rotten Tomato score of 33, but its audience likes it better at 72. 

I like Click even better than the Rotten Tomato audience and give it three and a half stars out of four because it makes me re-think my life philosophy.  Although I doubt that I will ever be able to soldier on through a terminal illness like my dad did, I will be a helluva a lot more motivated to get something positive out of all each one of my days, even those filled with, but not dominated by, pain or drudgery.   







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