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December 4, 2012

The Democrats are caught stealing from the Republican playbook

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I have previously criticized the Republicans for aiming their budget-slashing knives at something they call “waste & fraud.”  Yes, I believe there is a tremendous amount waste and fraud in government programs, but if we knew how to eliminate it, wouldn’t we have done it already? 

Recently, I have noticed the Democrats are taking a similar position in dealing with America’s financial imperative to cut Medicare funding.  Instead of recognizing that Medicare cuts will unavoidably hurt Medicare recipients, the Democrats are taking the Pollyannaish position that any cuts to the program must not affect the elderly.  Instead, they argue that Medicare can be fixed by arbitrarily reducing payments to the vendors who provide Medicare services. 

That may be how you address problems under socialism, where government can set prices, but America is not there yet.  If the Medicare program won’t pay its vendors a fair price for their service, the vendors will no longer provide the services.  And ultimately, the elderly will still be hurt anyway. 

I assume all of this is more political posturing designed to satisfy a party’s base.  The men (and women) in the room surely are too smart to be distracted by this pablum.


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  1. keeb, keeb, keeb,

    all human decisions are emotional. all. economics, psychology, and marekting 101 dude. people hear the data that supports their views (generally selfish) and ignore the data that does not fit their views. come on, you know this… the elderly will hear the democrats are our heros and the republicans are evil…


    Comment by Q — December 4, 2012 @ 3:48 pm | Reply

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