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December 6, 2012

The debt-limit debacle

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An article in the NY Times today attacked the Republicans in Congress for threatening to use the federal debt limit, which will be reached this spring, as leverage to force the Democrats to cut spending.  According to the Times, this threat from the Republicans is a despicable perversion of democracy.  If the Republicans persist with this perfidy, the Times suggests that President Obama trigger a constitutional crisis by asserting a right under the 14th Amendment to ignore the statutory debt limit.   

Such arrogance by the liberals is not isolated.  Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has proposed significant modifications to the Senate’s filibuster rules to prevent Republicans from blocking Democratic initiatives.  The common theme is that, as they did with ObamaCare, the Democrats are planning to abandon their promise of searching for common bipartisan ground.  Instead, they are going to double-down on Rahm Emanuel’s position in 2009 – “Fuck them; we’ve got the votes.” 

The Democrat’s problem is that, because they don’t have enough votes under the way Washington has operated for decades, they are trying to fundamentally change the way that Washington operates in the future.  Although I am concerned with the damage Democrats will do with this enhanced power for the President and the Senate majority, I as a political-science major concede that the debt-ceiling and the filibuster are outdated devices and should be discarded.


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